We are a  Full Time Production service company based in Spain & Portugal with more than a decade of experience working in every stage of the production process: before, during and after


I can say that FTP Broadcast crew rank among the most competent and hard-working professionals I’ve collaborated with, I rely on them whenever I have a shoot in Spain or Portugal. Personally, I now embrace them as dear friends.

Joe James - Supervising Producer / Entertainment One

It was an absolute pleasure to work with FTP Broadcast team. They were responsive to our production need, very efficient, and made the shoot fun. Great team, great attitude! Hope to work with them again soon!

Lisa Lumar - Producer / Karga7 Pictures

It has been a real pleasure to work with the talented crew at FTP Broadcast. I’ve used them multiple times and always leave smiling

Jill Woo - Crew Coordinator / Eyemagic Productions

I really loved FTP Broadcast crew. They made the shoot days very easy. I’m looking forward to my next shoot in Spain with them!

Phil Muri / WebMD Producer